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Month: July 2017

Rich Antoniello

Internets! Fuhgettaboutit! This week Premium Pete sits down with Founder and CEO of Complex Rich Antoniello. Pete and Rich discuss in detail Complex’s rumored $300 million dollar merger with Hearst and Verizon,...

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Hawaii Mike

Fugettaboutit! Internets! This week on The Premium Pete Show we speak with Cannabis Chef & Master Marketer Hawaii Mike. Mike gives a behind the scenes look into his famous ChefFofHigher Dinners, sealing deals with companies...

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Yu Ming Wu

Internets on this week’s episode friend of the show Dallas Penn joins Pete as they sitdown with Footwear Entrepreneur Yu Ming Wu! Listen in as he talks the struggles of growing up broke with immigrant parents and working...

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Steve Lobel

Fugettaboutit! Internets! In this episode Pete gets right to it with one of the hardest working managers in music business, Steve Lobel. Steve talks growing up in Queens, his tremendous work ethic, navigating industry politics,...

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