INTERNETS! On this episode of The Premium Pete Show, Pete sits down with Warrior, Radio Veteran, Entrepreneur: KARLIE HUSTLE!

Karlie speaks Unfiltered on her journey from growing up in a small town in Oregon to working with some of the biggest names in the industry. She talks about working at Hot 97 in the past, her current position at Apple Music, how Ebro Darden has impacted her career path, the many artists that she helped come up thru ‘Who’s Next Live’, (Travis Scott, Chance The Rapper, Dave East…) the ups and downs of the music industry why she left Hot 97 + so much more!  

Karlie also goes into depth about getting abruptly diagnosed with breast cancer and the impact it has had on her and her family, the steps she has taken to help normalize cancer by utilizing Instagram (check out her Cancergrams on her highlighted stories), the positive and negative aspects of social media, how to cope with serious illness and also how people can properly support their loved ones who are diagnosed.

So many LIFE gems on this one. RIP Combat Jack. F*ck Cancer, Combat Cancer!