INTERNETS! On this episode of The Premium Pete Show, Pete sits down with the Creators of Sopranos Con and then is LIVE from the house of David Proval who played (Richie Aprile) in Sopranos!

Michael Mota and Dan Trader break down the journey on what it has took to put together “Soprano’s Con” the biggest event in Sopranos History!

David Proval breaks down how being raised by women made him who he is today, his love for acting and playing in movies/tv shows like Mean Streets, Shawshank, Redemption, Everybody Loves Raymond and of course Sopranos!  

David also talks on how he went to David Chase regarding parts he didn’t agree w/ on The Sopranos, what it took to play the part of Richie Aprile and so much more, Fuggettaboutit! 

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Kick Back, Relax + PRESS Play! CHEA!