Is it ever okay to spill the beans?
Episode 3 of The Premium Pete Show is dedicated to the tattletale.

Fellow podcaster & self-proclaimed “bad guy”, Tax Stone joins the discussion. The trio dishes on all things snitch worthy. Can you “rat” if you catch a friend’s spouse cheating? Would you take the blame for another person’s drugs? What about cyber snitching?

Premium’s 94-year-old grandmother makes a statement via Phone-A-Friend. Plus, Tax takes a moment to recollect a couple of criminal encounters. Including, taking responsibility for a crime he didn’t commit, and an account of two (2) felon exhibitionists getting freaky in a prison shower.

Pete and Lissa also speak on Liza Minelli’s husband being found dead in a hotel, LA Laker D’Angelo Russell setting his teammate up, and offer advice on talking to your children about sex.

Expect the unexpected.